About Us

Give Blood Save Life

Our Slogan

Be a hero, Donate Blood

Our Mission

Connect recipients with donors

Who we are and Why ?

We are Pakistani's, out to solve a problem that we faced. Requiring blood for recipient should be a simple task specially for a country like Pakistan who gives then takes. People in Pakistan love donate blood but there's no sourse to connect the both. With BloodRuns we want to connect recipient with donors.

Our Goals

Short Term Goal

BloodRuns will connect recipient with donors. In that short time we hope to raise fund.

Mid Term Goal

BloodRuns will become blood bank. Recipient will be able to get blood at free of cost.

Long Term Goal

BloodRuns will establish an emergency hospitals. A long with providing blood we hope to provide urgent care.

Our Team

Salman Bhutta Designer

Rashid Shafique Developer

Ali Ashar Doctor

Our Sponsors